About Snefru Consulting 


Snefru Consulting is an independent software consultancy, founded in 1998 by Julian Summers. In the subsequent years Snefru Consulting has grown considerably and now offers a broad cross-section of knowledge and experience. As the company has grown we have always maintained very high standards in all areas of our business.

We have customers in many areas of both the private and public sectors, including investment banks, digital media agencies, mobile telephony operators and local government organisations.

Our customers range in size from privately owned small businesses to large multinational organisations. In all cases we offer the highest quality and the same exacting standards.


Snefru Consulting is based in the heart of Dorset, a location which makes the whole of the south of England easily accessible. If you are interested in any of the services that we have to offer please feel free to get in contact.

The Name 

We are often asked about the name. Snefru was the first of the Pyramid building pharaohs, the first king of the 4th dynasty and the father of Khufu the builder of the great pyramid at Giza. Although, not as well known as his descendants, Snefru was an exceptional pharaoh in creating the first true, cased pyramid built in Egypt.