You can be in Control of your Website 

All our websites (including our own) are created using our purpose built software called a Content Management System (CMS for short). What this means to our customers is that the site can be updated quickly and easily by someone who doesn't need to be a computer professional or web designer, but someone that has a basic understanding of any modern word processor.

When we say you do not need to have any web knowledge we really mean it. Interesting and functionally rich websites can be created by just using the standard features within the CMS. Web pages containing pictures, tables, lists, enquiry forms and more can be created simply without requiring any web site knowledge. Although all web pages are built using HTML the CMS creates the pages for you so you never need to.

If you feel comfortable using html the CMS is flexible enough to allow you to include your own HTML anywhere within the page. Equally if you don't want to update the site yourself we are always here to assist. No matter what level you are at or what you would like from your web site we are sure we help.

Features of our CMS include: 


We create a professional look and feel that reflects your business and the CMS will ensure consistency across your entire web site. When the site is designed we work with you to create a style of your choice. This will include fonts and colours which the CMS will then use across all pages within your site. You can use a combination of the available styles within any pages to make them more attractive including varying sized text for use as page titles, headings, subheadings, main body of text and footnotes.

Create and Update 

Web pages that you can easily create and change, using normal editing features to be found in most modern word-processing applications, such as cut & paste, undo/redo, find & replace and an integrated spell checker. The CMS also allows you to update the format of the text including bold and italics.

Extra Components 

Easily include tables, lists, links and pictures - supporting popular web image formats including jpeg, gif, png and swf (Adobe flash movies). The CMS allows easy positioning of all components within a page.

Image Manipulation 

Pictures can be easily modified within the software including resizing, cropping, rotating and the addition of watermarks and borders. You can add titles, descriptions to pictures and also add links to other pages.

Advanced Features 

The CMS gives you the ability to embed raw HTML and Javascript within your pages (this is not essential to build your site, but is available for advanced users).


Easily create and send html formatted emails with your company and site branding. When creating your site design we can also create an email template that will allow any emails sent from the site to have a similar branding to your site.

Automatic Features 

The CMS automatically maintains a number of features including the site map and search indexes (to enable efficient searching of your site). Site maps are automatically kept up to date, both for your customers (as a webpage) and for search engines (in a format used by Google, etc).


Sites are monitored to ensure your site is available when your customers need it.

CMS Extensions 

We can offer a fully integrated ecommerce solution that works with major merchant services allowing you to add a online store to your site.

The information presentation extension allows you to easily create and change information items that can be displayed in a standard way on your site. This can be used for car/caravan/motorbike/property sales, job adverts, etc to name but a few.

If you are interested in an website created by Snefru Consulting that is simple to look after and enhance by yourselves or us then please contact us with no obligation. We will be more than happy to guide you through the whole process from domain name registration to a live website on our reliable servers.