Enterprise Technology 



Oracle is the industry-leading database, scaling from laptops to the largest enterprise computers. Oracle is a Relational Database Management System, which uses SQL to query and modify the information held within the database.

We have consultants with over 15 years experience of the Oracle database and Oracle developer tools. We have been involved in the successful development of large enterprise applications that have formed the backbone of many of our customers businesses.


Java has become the standard language for modern application development, it is cross platform and massively scaleable. Initially developed in the mid 90's by Sun Microsystems, Java can be found in technologies ranging from smart cards and mobile phones up to supercomputers.

Java is used to power some of the worlds largest web sites, eBay for example, and cutting edge organisations such as NASA. Almost all large organisations will have, at least, some Java applications that they rely on day to day.

We have been developing applications using Java since the earliest publicly available versions in 1996. We have developed and deployed many Java applications that are being used daily.