A Complete Web Solution for Small and Medium Sized Businesses 

Offering a web site that is able to keep up with the changing marketplace and new innovations, so that your web site remains interesting to your customers.  

We know that any updateable web site (often referred to as a Content Management System or CMS) needs to be easy to use. We have a CMS that is as easy to use and familiar as any word processor. The CMS is designed specifically for the needs of small to medium sized businesses. We offer you the tools to change your site whenever and however you want. If you do not feel ready to update your site, we can make the changes for you.

Features Include: 

  • Professionally designed web site. We create a professional look and feel that reflects your business and the CMS will ensure consistency across your entire web site.
  • Web pages that you can easily create and change, using normal editing features to be found in most modern word-processing applications, such as cut & paste, undo/redo and find & replace.
  • Easily include tables, lists, links and pictures - supporting popular web image formats including jpeg, gif, png and swf (Adobe Flash movies).
  • Simple positioning of pictures, tables and lists within a page.
  • Pictures can be easily modified within the software including resizing, cropping, rotating and the addition of watermarks and borders.
  • Embedding html and javascript (this is not essential to build your site, but is available for advanced users).
  • Easily create and send html formatted emails with your company and site branding.
  • Fully integrated ecommerce solution.
  • Information presentation - allows you to easily create and change information items that can be displayed in a standard way on your site. An example of this would be an estate agent site having details of various properties that are fully searchable.
  • Sites are monitored to ensure your site is available when your customers need it.

You're in Control 

You have control to change your website when and how you please. We are here to help if you need inspiration. We create a professional style for your site and you can change the content. There is no need to pay a web designer to make changes in the basic text of your site you can have full control over this.

Automated Features 

The CMS offers many features that just work automatically, including ranked searching, site maps and RSS feeds. Whenever you create or modify a web page it is automatically ranked so that it can be searched within your web site. You don't have to do anything; it is automatically done for you.

Designed for Small to Medium Sized Businesses 

Most small to medium sized businesses can't justify having dedicated web design and site administration staff. Our CMS allows anyone, who can use a word processor, to update the web site without the need for staff with web skills. You don't need to know any web technology at all; the CMS does all the work for you.

Hosting & Support 

We provide all of your web site hosting and support. Your site is hosted and monitored and we are also here to help with any questions, about your site, that you may have.