Presenting Information 

The information presentation feature is ideal where you need to display information about your products or services, that can be easily searched by your customers.  

Examples of use include an estate agent displaying properties, a car showroom displaying used vehicles or an employment agency listing jobs. Whilst all of these examples benefit their business by being included on the company website and some may even be for sale they are not items that would require a full ecommerce solution. The information presentation software is ideal where your business would like to be able reach customers on the internet without needing to actually complete the purchase online.

The information presentation feature allows you to show detailed descriptions of products to your customers. Equally importantly it is designed to be quick and simple for you to add and update the details - So even if the information that you display changes frequently it is easy to keep your website up to date.

Features include: 

  • Input template customised to include the information you need to collect and display
  • Presentation of your information customised to suit your business
  • Multiple types of information. Each with its own presentation style and details
  • Fully searchable
  • Customised product sheet printout
  • Email product enquiry. Customers can easily request information about a specific product or service
  • Quick and easy to add new products with type ahead and lists of options based on information previously entered
  • Easy to alter and remove exisiting information

For website and information presentation costs please see our packages and prices. If you have any specific requirements please contact us.