Web Technology 

We have experience in a broad range of web technologies having developed web applications, web services & web sites. Our experience covers both the needs of large enterprise customers and small businesses. Our experience with enterprise technology is often used for our smaller customers (where appropriate), allowing them to benefit from the same robust solutions that our larger customers enjoy.


We realised the importance of Java from it's earliest versions in the mid '90s and have used it almost exclusively for developing the business logic of our applications ever since. Java is one of a very few languages in use today that can be successfully scaled from very small to very large applications.

Java is usually found in larger web sites as it generally requires a much greater level of experience than other web technologies. Most smaller web sites are built from a variety of scripting languages, such as PHP and ASP. However, we can to use our enterprise experience to build smaller web sites that are as robust and secure as any enterprise application.

HTML & JavaScript 

HTML has provided the cornerstone of all web applications both on the Internet and within enterprise web applications. Although, JavaScript has also been available almost as long as HTML it has only been relatively recently that it has taken centre stage as an important part of web applications.

Flash & Flex 

Adobe Flash (formerly Macromedia Flash) has been used to add extra features and interest for many years.

In 2004 Flex was released, Flex runs within the standard Flash player but enables the creation of enterprise applications that are more powerful than traditional web applications.